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The program can be held only on the dates of the celebration of Maslenitsa

The ancient Slavic holiday "Maslenitsa" is celebrated every year cheerfully on the border of winter and spring. We invite you to celebrate it with us. You will find the fun of the Maslenitsa merriment in a real Russian village, an invitation to taste pancakes, playıng in a round danceIn this tour you will be able to learn and love Kazan through a sightseeing tour of the millennial city with a visiting the Kremlin and the pedestrian Kazan Arbat, and through a delicious lunch of national Tatar dishes with a master class on their preparation, and through an unusual master class on the history of Tatar costume. As a bonus You will get colorful photos in your favorite exclusive costumes (Khan, hansha, Queen, war, etc.).
Казань, Лаишево
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  • Day 1

    09:00 meeting of the group at the airport.

    Luggage storage at the hotel

    10:00-11:00 Breakfast in the city cafe

    11:00-14:00 Bus tour of the city. From the windows of a comfortable bus you can see modern buildings and passages modestly standing for centuries, you will drive along modern avenues and ancient streets. Another feature is the tolerant attitude between religions. Here the belfries alternate with minarets and the gospel echoes with the azan. During the excursion you will drive to central square named Tukay square, square of the 1 of May, Freedom Square, square of Sultan Galeev. You will admire sparkling winter parks and appreciate the beauty of the city from the observation deck, where you take amazing photos against snow-covered Kazan. You will be got amazing shots, don’t doubt! You will visit one of the main places of interest of Tatarstan is Staro-Tatarskaya sloboda. During excursion you will be acquainted with culture of nation and its traditions. Optionally it is also possible to visit the Bogoroditsky Monastery, where the miraculous list of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is kept.

    14:00-15:00 Lunch in a cafe of the city with a master class in Tatar cooking Tourists discover the secrets of cooking one of the national dishes. The process is accompanied by the story of the origin of the food. After this dish is served on the table.

    15.00-17.00 Walking tour of the Kazan Kremlin – of the object of UNESCO world heritage site. You will see ancient white stone walls and towers, including the falling tower of Syuyumbike, Governor's Palace that was built on the place of Khan's Palace, and also the Mausoleum of Kazan Khans. During the tour is provided a visit to the Annunciation Cathedral and the pearl of Kazan - Kul Sharif mosque, which combines prayer halls, and is also a cultural and educational center.

    17:00-18:00 Walking tour of Bauman street, or the so-called "Kazan Arbat". This is the first merchant part of the city, formed in the late 17th century. The history of its origin is very interesting, and its appearance was formed for centuries!

    During the tour you will see:

    - Oriental clock with figures of characters of Tatar fairy tales

    - the world's first monument to the great Opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin

    - sculptural compositions in the form of fountains

    - the building of the drama theater, founded more than a hundred years ago

    - an exact copy of the carriage of Empress Catherine the great

    - monument to Kazan Cat

          - a memorable sign "the Zero Meridian of Kazan" and the Avenue of stars

    And also learn:

    - About underground passages and gold reserves of Russia

    - what is the height of the Epiphany bell tower

    - which building resembles an expanded book and why

    In addition: you will be able to visit souvenir shops and get acquainted with Handicrafts.

    18:00-19:00 Master class "Tatar costume" in the Tatar national village "Tugan avylym" you will not only see a variety of Tatar folk costumes, but also be able to try them on, feeling like a resident of medieval Kazan. Photo shoot and photo printing as a gift!

    Transfer to hotel. Settlement

    Free time

  • Day 2

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.

    10:00-16:00 Maslenitsa Holiday in Laishevo.

    1. Excursion to the Museum of Laishevsky region named after G. R. Derzhavin.

    2. Theatrical performance " Gather the people, there is a Carnival!»

    3. Master classes in arts and crafts

    4. Pancake tasting

    5. Visit the forge

    6.Horse riding

    7. Games in the fresh air.

    8. The burning of effigies.

    13:00-14:00 Lunch

    16:00 Return to the city

    Free time

  • Day 3

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.

    10:00-16:00 Tour to Sviyazhsk. (On the way a visiting the universal Temple)

     You will make a fascinating journey to the ancient Russian city, founded by the Russian Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible in 1551. The natural landscape will surprise you with its beauty, because the city is surrounded by water on all sides. On arrival, you will take a sightseeing walking tour of the island with a tour of the complex of the assumption monastery, you will visit the oldest Trinity Church in Russia.

    You will also learn:

    - what was the original name of the city connected with

    - which of the emperors visited Sviyazhsk and who sang it in their works

    - what are the times of the “red terror" remembered

    - why for half a century Sviyazhsk became a forgotten island with a sad fate.

    Visiting to the horse yard, pottery and craft workshops.

    Visit to the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk

    Lunch on the island

    16:00 End of the program. Airport transfer.


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Казань Мeeting of the group at the airport
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What's included

* Accommodation in the hotel (check-in after 14-00, release until 12-00).

* Meals according to the program

* Accompaniment of the group by a tour guide.

* Entrance tickets to museums according to the program.

* Transport services according to the program.

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